Welcome to Artistic Creations by Harrington, the Mother Daughter design team of Carolyn and Christina Harrington of East Islip, NY.  With a guest appearance by Ellie Talisman!

Mom, Carolyn, came on the scene much earlier then Christina, jumping in with both feet- she was one of the founding partners of the Bellport Lane Art Gallery in the 90's. Here she was able to showcase her amazing talents in different mediums, starting out in Watercolor, the most difficult medium to master, which she did so beautifully. Once done she broadened her horizons with Collage, Wood Cuts and her true love-Oil. Her achievements were recognized in every art association show she entered, placing in each medium she tried her hand at, counting many "Best in Shows" amongst her ribbons. 

To see Carolyn's palette knife pieces in person, they evoke the Impressionist Masters of which she draws inspiration from, each fluid movement of her knife beckoning you closer to the canvas. You find yourself holding back from tracing a finger along the peaks of paint, while at the same time trying to get as close as possible as you lose yourself amongst the myriad colors she has created upon such a small space of the canvas.

Christina was introduced to the discovery of her talents when she came across Mom working on a commission of 1,000 original Collage cards for the holidays. She went on to hone her talent, entering in various Artist Associations members Shows where she too was recognized by her peers, placing in each show she entered and eventually joining her Mom at her gallery and the outdoor art shows.

Together, Mom and Daughter arrived at the front door of Jewelry Design. And as they have done throughout their Art Careers, they embraced and channeled their talents into this new Medium.

Ellie came into their lives many years ago as a customer and is now called   family. Upon retiring she knew she had to find something to satisfy her unquenchable thirst for life and life's experiences. And so her journey began with her Poetry, which led to a beautiful friendship in the Literary and Theater World of Patchogue with the Beckerman's. Which, in a fortuitous turn of events led her to at finally pick up her Acrylic brush after 40 years of it laying dormant !!

Please come in, explore and share in our accomplishments. Visit our Jewelry pages, check out Mom's Paintings, discover our good friend Ellie's incredible Acrylics.  Afterwards, grab a pen and your calendar and check out our show season page, where you'll find out where you can come and play dress up and then walk away with a one of a kind, Harrington original wearable piece of art, placed lovingly in a Designs by Ellie Handpainted Shopping Bag!

If you come to our shows on the right day you might not only see Mom, but also get to meet  Ellie, who has come to soak in the creativity present at these shows!!! 

Please make sure to finish off your visit to our website by sending us an e-mail, LIPIXIE@aol.com, or RTISTCAROL@aol.com!!!

Thanks so very Much!
And safe and blessed journeys to all our friends