Incredible Lapis Beads w/Bali Sterling Silver Accents designed around 4 1/2" Fused Glass Pendant created by an Arizona Artist
Mom and I want to take this time to say Thank You, old friends and new. It's been an wonderful journey and we are so very blessed to have met such incredible people throughout this time! We are so looking forward to seeing you all this year and sharing with you our newest creations. Mom has been hard at work, designing many a new piece so please check back here at the end of February when I should have them all uploaded for your viewing pleasure!!

In the meantime, our season kicks off March 19th & 20th at the Art League of Long Island.
The bonus of this show is that we will have been fresh from the NYC Bead Show, meaning we will have our latest finds with us, so come by check them out and maybe even get in on collaborating on the design of your own piece!
  Blue Topaz Gemstone  with Crystal Beads $120
Labradorite with Crystal Beads $115
Kyanite Pendant and Beads  $200

Larimar, Biwa Pendant with mixed crystal bds $140
Lampwork Glass Pendant wt Multi Colored Crystals $60

Pink Agate Pendant with Rose Quartz & Crystal Beads $140
Azurite Pendent wt crystal beads $90
Botswana Agate Pendant wt 

Mother of Pearl Pendant wt Crystal & Rose Quartz  Beads $100

Turquoise Peridot Pendant  
wt Turquoise beads  $200
Rhodacrosite Pendant wt Rhodacrosite Beads $90
Dendritic Agate wt Acrylic 
& Crystal Beads $60
Chrysocolla Pendant & Beads  $150

Agate Pendant wt faceted briolette agate beads $125
Charoite, Ruby & Topaz Pendant 
    wt Faceted Ruby beads $235
Rutilated Quartz Beads with Pendant $200.00
Baltic Amber Beads w/Yellow Lace Agate Pendant