We discovered these incredible pendants from Russia.

The focal is a nugget of Baltic Amber surrounded by Sterling Silver,with inlaid pieces of Turquoise and Coral framing the Amber.
Carolyn went in hand with the pendant to find the perfect showcase for this piece, designing it with coral and sterling silver spacers strategically placed.

Beautiful Tibetan Turquoise Pendant with attention to detail as shown in the inset, see the design made in the silver along with the upraised set Carnelian stones
What better backdrop to this pendant than the incredible Turquoise beads, with the black Matrix running through each bead.
The design is finished off with Hill Tribe SIlver spacers interspersed throughout the necklace.  $175

My pride and joy!
Southwestern Inspired Spiny Oyster Beads w/types of Turquoise and Tibetan Inlaid Coral, Turquoise and Amber Brass Pendant w/Hill Tribe Silver Bar and Turquoise Closure
$500.00     Christina

Tibetan Turquoise, Lapis & Coral 
Pendant witTurquoisebeads $260
Tibetan Turquoise Pendant
 with Turquoise beads $140

Tibetan Turquoise, Coral & Amber Pendant 
    with Turquoise & Coral beads $220
Tibetan Turquoise & Coral 
Pendant with Coral and 
Turquoise beads $180
Tibetan Turquoise & Coral Pendant with 
Turquoise and Bamboo Coral Beads  $220
Tibetan Sterling Silver and Turquoise Pendant 
    with Turquoise & Coral Beads $180
  Hill Tribe Silver Pendent "Flying
Crane" with Turquoise Beads $200.
Hill Tribe Silver Pendant & accent beads with Turquoise beads  $200
  Hill Tribe Silver Lotus Flower and 
  beads with Turquise beads  $200
Hill Tribe Silver Pendant & two beads 
    with Lapis Lazuli  beads  $160
  Tibetan Turquoise, Coral & Amber 
Pendant with Turquoise Beads $190
Tibetan Turquoise & Coral 
Pendant with Coral Beads
Hill Tribe Silver Lotus Flower with Turquoise Beads $200

Please check back after May 7, 2017
At which time I will have updated these pages with our new creations!!!!